About the Golden Prague festival

An international television festival boasting a long history and unique content. A meeting place for leading artists from all corners of the world. An event where audiences meet their favourite stars. A space for cooperation, inspiration and fun. That is Golden Prague, a festival whose diverse content has been a magnet for art lovers for fifty-seven years.

Golden Prague is a unique international cultural event. Along with Prix Italia and Rose d’Or, it ranks among the oldest television festivals in Europe. Regularly staged by Czech Television in the beautiful environment of old Prague, in recent years it has been held at the New Stage of the National Theatre. Since its opening year, Golden Prague has been attended by dozens of globally renowned directors, choreographers and artists, including H. Burton, P. Weigl, B. Monsaingeon, B. Large, Ch. Bruce B. Gavin, N. Duato, H. Hulscher, J. Kylián, M. Ek, Ch. Nupen, A. Preljocaj, J. Neumeier, D. Klimentová, or J. and O. Bubeníček.

History and unique content

The Prague television festival was founded in 1964, but its evolution since then has been complicated, switching from a festival of all television production to a drama and music competition to a festival focusing solely on music and dance. Golden Prague survived the “crisis years” of 1968 and 1969, the period of communist normalisation, the break-up of Czechoslovakia, the transformation of Czechoslovak Television into a public-service broadcaster and television’s dramatic shift as a medium since the start of the new millennium. All that time it stayed true to its values and developed into an important cultural event featuring an accompanying programme with something for the whole family to enjoy.

A meeting place

For years Golden Prague’s unique feature was that it brought together television creators and executives from various countries with different political systems; over time, these were joined by their counterparts from Asia and Africa, whose output was otherwise essentially unknown in Europe. In the past twenty years the festival has taken on an irreplaceable role as the only major festival of music, dance and theatre programmes.

An event and platform

Today Golden Prague is a four-day cultural event that showcases a wide range of television programmes focusing on music, dance and theatre as well as both Czech and international films, presenting them through competitions, screenings, video libraries and industry meetings. There are three categories of competition programmes, which are selected primarily on the basis of artistic quality:

• documentaries about music, dance and theatre

• recordings of performances

• recordings of music programmes

The winners in each category receive a Czech Crystal award. The jury, which is drawn from international experts and changes every year, also hands out special awards for outstanding artistic achievement and, of course, the grand prize – the Grand Prix Golden Prague.

This year’s festival starts on 23 September 2020. Come and experience it with us!


2019 Name Country
Chairman of the Jury Jonas Hermansson TV Director, Sweden
Jury members Ekaterina Orlova Head of Foreign Projects for the International Relations Department, RTR, Russia
Frank Gerdes Director of the Cultural Department , Servus TV, Austria
Yasuko Kobayashi Director of the Music and Theatre Programme Division, NHK, Japan
Jiří Nekvasil Director of the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre, Czech Republic
2018 Name Country
Chairman of the Jury Elmar Kruse CEO, C Major Entertainment, Germany
Jury members Heidi Pruuli TV producer, ERR, Estonia
Samantha Farber CEO, sonostream.tv, Austria
Elen Rhys Content Commissioner entertainment and music, S4C, Wales
Aleš Březina composer, Director of the Bohuslav Martinů Institute, Czech Republic
2017 Name Country
Chairman of the Jury Bernd Hellthaler CEO, Euroarts, Germany
Jury members John Bridcut Director, Crux Productions, United Kingdom 
Danica Dolinar Head of the Music and Dance Department, TV Slovenija, Slovenia 
Miikka Maunula producer, YLE, Finland
Silvia Hroncová Director of the National Theatre Opera and the State Opera, Czech Republic
2016 Name Country
Chairwoman of the Jury Barbara Willis Sweete Director, Willis Sweete Productions, Canada
Jury members Anne Røthing producer, NRK, Norway
Ieva Rozentale film producer, Latvian TV, Latvia 
Robin Lough film director, United Kingdom 
Roman Bělor Director of the Prague Spring Festival, Czech Republic
2015 Name Country
Chairman of the Jury Bernhard Fleischer CEO, producer, Bernhard Fleischer Moving Images, Austria
Jury members Masumi Kawaguchi Head of the Department of Music Programs, NHK, Japan
Sonja Schneider producer, ZDF, Germany
Ditte Feuk producer, Sveriges Television, Sweden
Jan Burian Director of the National Theatre, Czech Republic
2014 Name Country
Chairman of the Jury Andrea Andermann TV producer, Radafilm, Italy
Jury members Robert Kamyk Head of Music Department, TVP Kultura, Poland
Jan Younghusband producer of music programs, BBC, United Kingdom
Larry Weinstein film director, Larry Weinstein Productions, Canada
Jana Návratová
dance publicist, Czech Republic
2013 Name Country
Chairwoman of the Jury Hazel Wright producer, Hazel Wright Media, United Kingdom 
Jury members Arild Erikstad Executive Producer and Editor of the Music Department, NRK, Norway
Henk van der Meulen Director of The Hague Conservatory, Netherlands 
Reiner Moritz film director, Poorhouse International, Germany
David Mareček General Director of the Czech Philharmonic, Czech Republic
2012 Name Country
Chairman of the Jury Arild Erikstad Executive Producer and Editor of the Music Department, NRK, Norway
Jury members Sheena MacDonald COO, Canadian Film Centre, Canada
Heidi Pruuli TV producer, ERR, Estonia
Martin Traxl Head of the Culture Department, ORF, Austria
Vladimír Strakoš dramaturge, Czech Television Brno, Czech Republic
2011 Name Country
Chairman of the Jury Henk van der Meulen Director of The Hague Conservatory, Netherlands
Jury members Nicolas Auboyneau Head of the Culture Department, France Télévisions, France
Marie-Odile Demay film producer, MODemay Entertainment, Canada
Alexey Korolev producer of music programs, TV Kultura, Russia
Radim Smetana dramaturge, Czech Television, Czech Republic
2010 Name Country
Chairwoman of the Jury Hazel Wright producer, Hazel Wright Media, United Kingdom 
Jury members Aarno Cronvall TV and radio producer, Arcron Productions, Finland
Andres Golding

film and TV producer, Australia

Klaas Rusticus film director, Netherlands
Stanislav Vaněk TV director, Czech Republic

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