GP 2021

58th Golden Prague Festival invites filmmakers, directors, producers, distributors and broadcasters to submit their new films dedicated to music, dance or theatre into the internationally recognised competition. The 58th year of our festival will take place September 22-25, 2021. The entry form, which is now available at our website must be completed and sent online by 30 June 2021 at the latest.

Golden Prague is a unique festival presenting the world's best television musical, theatrical and dance shows and films across musical genres. Competing films will be presented at the festival to reach programme-makers, producers, broadcasters and distributors from all over the world, will be judged by the five member international Jury and will be eligible for prestigious prizes including the Grand Prix.

Golden Prague 2021 Grand competition is divided into three separate sections:

1) Documentary programmes dedicated to music, dance and theatre
2) Recordings of stage work (operas, operettas, musicals, dance, ballets...)
3) Recordings of concert performance (symphonic/orchestral performance, chambre music, recitals...)

The winning film will get the Grand Prix and prize money of 10.000,- EUR!