Excitement Grows as the 60th Golden Prague Festival Hits the Capital

Golden Prague Jury

The Golden Prague Festival has reached its second round of competition, with many outstanding entries battling for the prestigious awards.

The festival has a rich history of honoring exceptional talent in the fields of music and dance, making it a significant event in the international arts calendar. This year promises to be no different, with a selection of extraordinary films that have left audiences captivated and moved. We eagerly await the announcement of this year's top winners, set to be revealed at the Awards Ceremony this Thursday.

However, the Golden Prague Festival is not just about competition and awards; it offers a plethora of exciting events and activities for attendees to enjoy. From discussions conducted by industry experts to exhibition highlighting the Golden Prague's rich history, there is something for everyone to explore and appreciate.

In addition to the film screenings and competition, festival-goers can immerse themselves in the world of music and dance through live performances and concerts. These events feature talented artists and ensembles, providing a unique opportunity to witness breathtaking performances firsthand.

The Golden Prague Festival is not limited to industry professionals and cinephiles alone. It is an inclusive celebration of music, dance, and the arts, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds and interests. Whether you are an avid fan of classical music, contemporary dance, or simply curious about the world of documentary filmmaking, this festival has something to offer you.

As the festival kicks off, we invite everyone to join us in celebrating the 60th Golden Prague. Come and celebrate with us! The festivities begin the day after tomorrow, so mark your calendars and be a part of this extraordinary celebration of music, dance, and theatre through film. See you there!