Golden Prague – the Crossroads of the TV World

Zlatá Praha

While others have ceased to exist, Golden Prague is still alive. Discover the colourful and often adventurous journey that one of the oldest television festivals in the world has taken in its six decades of existence on the sixteen panels. Learn about its variation in time – from the efforts to connect the East and the West in the 1960s, through the normalisation building of a "showcase", to the modern unique orientation only to music and dance television production. And recall some of the winning shows that are still on screens today.

The history of a television festival might seem to be rather boring, but this is not entirely true of the history of the Golden Prague. The festival originated at the time of the cultural and political meltdown in Czechoslovakia, and has experienced many twists and turns – both politically and in terms of competition categories. Alongside the rightly forgotten competition contributions, a number of quality fiction, entertainment, documentary and cultural programmes that still appeal to audiences today, were presented at the Golden Prague festival. We have tried to recall all of this in twenty-two panels depicting the intricate journey of the Golden Prague festival from its beginnings to the present day.

Exhibition Golden Prague – the Crossroads of the TV World from September 20 to 23, 2023, Building B of the Prague National Theatre.