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Daniel Celarec
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Daniel Celarec was born in 1974 in Kranj, Slovenia. After completing the Music and Ballet Conservatory (main subject trumpet), he graduated in Musicology at the University of Ljubljana. He started his career at Radio Slovenija in 1999 as a music critic, and later as a programme editor and host of concert broadcasts. In 2001, he switched to television and has been working with TV Slovenija national broadcaster as a producer of music and dance shows. As a producer and screenwriter, he has created hundreds of recordings of concerts, studio TV shows, music documentaries, recordings of operas, music visualizations and music videos. He has always paid a special attention to specific "visual" (custom made for TV) storytelling and to the creation of programmes that break the preconceptions and prejudiced perception of classical music. He was Head of Delegation of RTV Slovenija at the Eurovision Choir 2019, a member of the Jury in Prix Italia 2015 and juror at International Emmy Awards 2020. He is currently a member of the IMZ Board, and a passionate creator of TV shows at RTV Slovenija.