Jyrki Nokkonen

Acquisitions Executive of Music + Entertainment YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting Company

Jyrki Nokkonen

Jyrki Nokkonen graduated as Master of Arts in English Philology from the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. After working for the BBC World Service in London for seven years as a radio journalist he was employed by Yleisradio/Yle (The Finnish Broadcasting Company) in 1990 to become the pubcaster’s first (and only) specialized buyer for television music programmes from abroad.

Besides all music and dance from classical to popular (performances and documentaries) his current duties also include acquiring various types of entertainment programmes, including foreign comedy series, for Yle’s three national tv channels TV1,TV2 and the cultural channel Yle Teema (est. in 2001) and also for Yle's successful free online service Yle Areena (est.in 2007).