2 - Giuseppe Scarlatti: Dove è Amore è Gelosia – A Historical Reconstruction of Opera Performance),

For hundreds of years, no operas have been performed at the Baroque Theatre at Český Krumlov. This theatrical museum was revived only for a TV recording of Giuseppe Scarlatti’s opera “Dove è amore è gelosia” which was premiered there in 1768. In order to reach a maximum level of authenticity and create an illusion of baroque scenery, it was necessary to cooperate with renowned creators, to prepare exacting costumes and to respect all the traditions, principals and tools typical for the baroque theatre, such as lights with hundreds of candles, decorations, machineries and effects, original instruments and props.

Clasart Classic
BVA, Clasart Classic, Česká televize, NHK
Directed by
Ondrej Havelka
Jan Malíř
88 minutes
Festival Awards
Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation VIZE 97 Award