2 - The Makropulos Affair

Music by Leos Janáček, original directorial approach by David Radok, a new critical edition of the opera staged by Marko Ivanovič, stage design by Ondřej Nekvasil and Zuzana Ježková, these are all trumps of the new production of The Makropulos Affair (premiered 21 November 2014). Swedish soprano Gitta-Maria Sjöberg performed in the role of Emilia Marty, other roles were taken by Aleš Briscein, Svatopluk Sem and others. TV footage (directed by Jakub Kořínek, camera by Petr Vejslík) by audiovisual means develops Radok's conception of Janáček's work as a metaphor of relativization of values and time, making full use of hyper realistic scene, elements of “theater within the theater”, cleverly built up dramatic situations and excellent performances.

Česká televize
Directed by
Jakub Kořínek
94 minutes
Festival Awards
Czech Crystal: 1st category