1) All festival participants and guests are obliged to wear facemasks in all festival indoor premises (participants of the official meetings will be able to take the facemask off during the meeting session in the meeting room if all meeting participants agree unanimously /
2) There will be announcements about the need to use facemasks and spacing 1.5m. in all festival premises
3) There will be clearly marked disinfection available in all festival premises
4) Festival participants will receive disposable facemasks from the festival organizer
5) Clearly marked waste bins will be placed in the festival premises for the disposal of facemasks
6) There will be protective plexiglass in the accreditation desk
7) It will be necessary to fill in the declaration of "infectivity" during accreditation
8) At the accreditation, each foreign participant will receive basic information on how to proceed in case of health problems or contact with a positively tested person (contact person, sampling points for Covid 19 tests)
9) The festival premises will be regularly disinfected by cleaning staff (meeting room for the EBU and IMZ meetings - between sessions; meeting room for the jury - always after the meeting, video-kiosks for public screenings - always after the visitor's departure; other spaces - continuously)
10) Meeting rooms will be cleaned with ozone overnight
11) During meetings, the distances between the participants will be min. 1.5 m.
12) Refreshments during the festival will be served only packed with using disposable dishes
13) Frequent cleaning of toilets will be ensured – there will be a document placed on the inside of the door, where each cleaning will be marked in writing

Note: This document will be gradually amended according to current prescribed hygiene and safety requirements by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.

In Prague, 21 August 2020