Videotéka Authored by: Mikuláš Křepelka
  • You are invited to the foyer of the National Theatre’s New Stage to view the festival’s competition programmes and enjoy the top television and film productions.
  • Watch dozens of the latest music, dance and theatre videos from all over the world made by renowned directors in the past year.
  • Two categories – performing arts and documentaries.
  • The best and the latest from the world production of classical, contemporary, jazz and world music; recordings and television adaptations of operas, theatre performances, ballets and modern dance performances – an offering unrivalled in quantity and quality; all in one place, and much of it to be seen even before its TV premieres in European televisions.
  • Individual viewing in one of the forty video boxes will be available.
  • Thanks to the Wi-Fi service there will be password-protected access to the material on private devices (such as notebooks and tablets), giving you the chance to watch the videos in the comfort of the coffee bar or at the National Theatre piazetta.
The New Stage of the National Theatre
Free entry