Afternoon with the Stars of StarDance

StarDance Den se StarDance Authored by: Michaela Buchtová

On Friday, 27 September, the third day of the festival, the stars of the popular television show StarDance will liven up the piazzetta of the National Theatre with dance. The invitation to the entertainment-filled afternoon was accepted not only by the show’s previous victors, but also by the participants of the upcoming anniversary season. Visitors of Golden Prague can thus look forward to the first autograph session with the participants of the tenth season of StarDance.

The interactive programme for young and old alike will be moderated by Jan Onder. Alongside well-known faces, he will also welcome promising junior and youth dance pairs as well as Marie Nahodilová, a client of the paraplegic association Centrum Paraple. The highpoint of the programme will be the first public autograph session with most of the participants of the tenth anniversary season of StarDance. At the signing, the newest member of the show’s panel of judges – professional dancer Jan Tománek, whom observant viewers will recognise from earlier seasons of the show – will be introduced.

The celebrities will not only be performing, but also, in keeping with tradition, teaching ballroom dancing. Past winners of StarDance – actress Dana Batulková, athlete Kateřina Baďurová, actress and blogger Marie Doležalová, actor Zdeněk Piškula and professional dancers Marek Zelinka, Veronika Lálová, Michal Padevět and Kateřina Krakowková – will also introduce themselves to the audience.

The festival afternoon will offer lots of entertainment, unforgettable experiences and interesting stories from behind the scenes of the popular television show. There will be something for everyone: visitors can expect not only practical demonstrations, but also dance lessons, a dance contest and Jan Onder’s talk show.

Come and enjoy the star-studded afternoon with us!

National Theatre piazzetta, Friday, 27 September, from 15:00 to 19:00