Golden Day of Golden Prague


The day starts with the energy-filled drum show by Banda Grande, which attracts guests as well as random passers-by. A musical programme of various genres is presented – from the saxophone and double bass quartet, a cross-section of musical melodies from the whole world, to the best opera arias by the Prague Conservatory musicians.

In special programme blocks, inSpiral Dance demonstrates the Irish step and Pole Heaven Studio performs the pole dance. Soloists from professional ballet ensembles, such as the Prague National Theatre, Moravian Theatre in Olomouc, South Bohemian Theatre, Prague Chamber Ballet and Laterna Magika take part in the Golden Day. These performances are supplemented by their younger followers from the Bohemia Ballet Dance Conservatory in Prague and the Prague Conservatory Dance Centre. The ballet genre is also presented in the interactive ballet workshop for children and adults by the Prague National Theatre Ballet.

The culmination of the whole programme is a flashmob entertainment block, featuring Place 4 People instructors: a multiple participant of the StarDance competition, Marek Dědík, and dancer Adéla Koubková. Simple choreography is prepared under their leadership and during the day, there are workshops with choreographers, where everyone can learn the flashmob steps. The programme on the main stage ends with the acrobatic Wall Dance, which takes human performance literally to a new dimension. We move from the horizontal stage to the vertical level and the artists dance directly on the National Theatre's technical building.

Apart from the programme on the main stage, a number of other activities await visitors: partner stalls, Czech Television photobox, a pole-dance stall with professional lecturers and of course an interactive workshop space where the public can try out a mix of the dance styles. The day starts with a warm-up in the form of the increasingly popular yoga stretching. In addition, visitors can try out the basics of the Irish tap dance, Indian Bollywood dance, Argentinian Tango, Brazilian Salsa and Ballroom dance. A workshop of “music - singing – acting” is organised for non-dancing visitors.

Part of the Golden Day programme of Golden Prague includes the opportunity to peep behind the scenes of the historical National Theatre building (10:00, 11:00 and 12:00) during a tour of the historical building of the National Theatre. Come and see what’s happening behind the scenes today! Ticket reservation (until capacity is reached) at email address: or at +420 730 800 127.




Main Stage
11:00 Banda Grande, Musical performance on drums
11:20 Prague Dance Conservatory and Secondary School
11:45 Saxophone Quartet
12:10 inSpiral dance, Irish step
12:20 Prague Conservatory, The Gipsy Princess
12:45 Pole Heaven
12:55 Prague Conservatory, A Flight Through the Musical World
13:25 Laterna Magika
13:45 Ballet Workshop of the National Theatre
14:25 Trombone ensemble
14:50 Conservatory of the City of Prague
15:15 Prague Conservatory, The Best of Opera Arias
15:40 Ballet Prague Junior
16:05 Double Bass Quartet
16:25 Bohemia Ballet
16:35 Prague Chamber Ballet
16:50 Ballet of Moravian Theatre Olomouc
17:05 Ballet of South Bohemian Theatre
17:20 Czech National Ballet
17:50 Wall dance

11:30 Place 4 People, Yoga and stretching
12:15 Om Dance Academy, Bollywood dance
13:00 inSpiral, Irish step
13:45 Ballet Workshop of the National Theatre
14:15 Prague Conservatory, Music - singing - acting
15:00 Tango Praha, Argentinian Tango
15:30 Bohemian Salsa, Salsa
16:00 Club Art 4 People, Ballroom dance
16:45 Adéla Koubková & Marek Dědík - Place 4 People, Workshop flashmob

Václav Havel Square