Václav Kuneš

Václav Kuneš Authored by: Petr Čepela

The documentary follows the life path, and the physical and spiritual transformation, of Václav Kuneš, from his beginnings as a dancer to an artist in his top form, to what might by termed the "dancer’s retirement" (but is in fact more properly a dancing retirement).  We present his unique project 42+PEOPLE which drives home the realization that a dancer of a certain age, while they may no longer be able to perform moves within the skillset of someone 20 years their junior, may continue to hone their experience and share it with their audience in spite of such limitations.

TV audiences may remember Václav Kuneš primarily as the “friendly judge” from the Czech version of Dancing with the Stars, but among artists, he is recognized as an ace choreographer of contemporary dance.  He spent ten years at the famous Nederlands Dans Theater, and danced as a soloist at the New National Theater in Tokyo. A former assistant of Jiří Kylián, he staged Kylián’s choreographies at many world-famous theaters. He has dozens of multidisciplinary, genre-hopping artistic projects under his belt that run the gamut from classical dance to contemporary dance, to nouveau cirque, to cabaret and stage shows which incorporate elements of musical theater and drama.  The contemporary dance ensemble 420PEOPLE (whose name wittily incorporates the international calling code for the Czech Republic) collaborates with dozens of Czech and foreign dancers and creators and is part of a number of international projects.

 In addition, Václav Kuneš has recently taken a keen interest in psychosomatics – the concept of how body and mind are interconnected.  The notion forms the basis of his latest project, entitled 42+PEOPLE and designed for dancers above the age of 42.  Through this project, Václav Kuneš points to the fact that, with each passing year, another dancer will cross this threshold of age, by staging an annual performance starring several dancers aged 42 and above.  In future manifestations of the project, Kuneš intends to bring in also artists from other fields – actors, directors, visual artists, or musicians. 

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